CITS AITT 2021 schedule
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Advanced Vocational Training Scheme - AVTS


S.No Name of the Section Duration
1 Electrical Control and Maintenance 1 to 4 weeks
2 Electronic Controls & Maintenance 1 to 4 weeks
3 Process Control Instrumentation 1 to 4 weeks
4 Metrology & Engineering Inspection 1 to 4 weeks
5 Machine Tool Maintenance 1 to 4 weeks
6 Production Technology 1 to 4 weeks
7 CAD / CAM 1 to 4 weeks
8 CNC CENTER 1 to 4 weeks
9 Hydraulic & Pneumatic Controls 1 to 4 weeks
10 Heat Engines 1 to 4 weeks
11 Heat Treatment & Material Testing 1 to 4 weeks
12 Advanced Welding 1 to 4 weeks
13 Industrial Chemistry 1 to 4 weeks
14 Artificial Intelligence 1 to 4 weeks



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                  In order to upgrade and update the skills of serving industrial workers, the AVTS is in operation since 1977. Under the scheme, training in selected skill areas is being imparted through short-term modular courses of one to six weeks’ duration. Tailor-made courses suiting to the specific requirements of industrial establishments are also offered. With financial assistance from World Bank, training facilities in additional areas were created at ATIs and the existing training facilities were also strengthened.

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  • Engage in interactive conversations with the instructors and your peers.
  • Learn required techniques in comfortable environment that promotes the learning process.
  • Obtain a better understanding of concepts by using our labs to participate in exercises that simulate real work situations.
  • Pre training & post training test are conducted in order to assess the outcome of training.
  • Industrial visits to reputed/ Establishments to have direct interaction for the latest know-how being deployed by them.
  • Periodic & Systematic continuous evaluation methods are carried out for both regular &TMC programme as per norms.


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